Proofing Process




Digital Proofs

Make sure all your art files meet  These Requirements;  This will prevent any delays.


Manually Processed, PDF Proof

After uploading your print-ready files to our website we will check for the correct bleed, resolution, and color mode. Providing that these items meet our criteria we will send you a digital PDF proof to the email provided in your order.

If there is problem with your file you will receive a notification that your artwork has been rejected, and instructions on how to resubmit.

Approving your proof

You can download your PDF proof and view using adobe acrobat or open it within your browser. Please be sure to check your proof carefully for spelling errors, layout etc. Once you are satisfied with the file please reply “APPROVED” to the email that your proof originated from.

Rejecting your proof

If you find a problem with the artwork please reply “REJECTED” And state your reason. We will then instruct you on re-submitting your file.


What we Don’t check:

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Layout issues